Friday, February 1, 2013

"Blow In Her Face And She'll Follow You Anywhere" part 2

Time for a few more print ad's that have to be seen to be believed. I received these in an email and thought I'd share. 
Guns make perfect gifts for the holidays. At least these ads seem to think so:

A lot of companies have tried to tie their product into Christmas, but really, how many wives would want THIS under their tree?

Some ads just defy description:

Wow...just wow!

1 comment:

Homestead Annie said...

cocaine drops an "instantaneous cure" for toothaches...i'm sure! actually, i love getting firearms for gifts. a revolver for our anniversary...a muzzleloader for my birthday...fabulous! as for the vacuum...when we were young, i asked for one for christmas. we didnt have one and loved that i got it! however, i do believe i will leave the beer on the shelf. ;) great post tom!